Legal Notice

All Photos © Christian Kleiman are available for licensing.

Most of these images are suitable for Personal and Editorial Use only, which means that it cannot be used for selling and marketing purposes. This Content is mostly used to illustrate a truthful article that is about news, culture, sports, politics, entertainment or other topics of interest to the public.

Editorial Use images do not come with model or property releases. To use an Editorial Use image for commercial purposes such as in advertisements, product packaging, or otherwise to help sell a product, raise money, or promote a company, goods or services you must first consider whether additional clearances or third-party permissions are required for your project.

To avoid issues, Licensed Content for Editorial Use can only be used for the following: Documentary publications. Documentary programs or documentation. Educational publications. Textbooks. Essays, papers, journals. Newsworthy publications. Newspaper articles. Magazine articles. Editorial features. Sports features. Cultural articles.

And can NOT be used for the following:

Advertorial material such as a blog or magazine article promoting a product or service.

Commercial, Promotional or Advertising material.

For Comercial Use please contact Christian Kleiman.

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