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My approach to photography started back in 2006 when I was testing new ways to offer something different to my clients.

At that time I was working as a skipper operating a parasailing powerboat (video) at a Nautical Sports Centre. Own company that I was managing since 1995 (photos).

Many testings and try-outs were needed before I was able to launch my “Flying Camera”. This original system I’ve built from scratch was composed of a camera fixed on a radio-controlled pan-tilt platform and was hanged on a small parachute that could lift all the equipment in the air (photos).

Thanks to the aerodynamics of the parasail and my experience of flying people up in the air, and again after many try-outs, I was able to take Amazing Photography.

This episode lasted until 2010 when I decided that it was time to leave the water after 15 years of full dedication to my nautical career because I had experienced another exciting activity in my life; “Aerial Photography”.

Inland, with dry pants, after finding out which options were available to take my photographic equipment up in the air, and after trying out many different platforms like; RC helicopter, Kites, Helium Balloon, Poles and Masts, I decided that my best option was the 27 meters high pneumatic mast on the roof of a van (photos).

The next couple of years where very exciting until the market got severely hit by the crisis on the middle east coast of Spain, so I started to think about new attractive possibilities with the tools that I had. This was how I started with 360 Panoramic Photography and the creation of Virtual Tours.

Currently established in New Zealand since 2014, I enjoy dedicating the best of my possibilities to the Art of Photography and the maintenance of my personal projects.

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