June 3, 2015

iBook Apple Store - Volvo Ocean Race 2015 Auckland Stopover 360VR Photography

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In this book, as if you where there, explore with the tip of your finger, 65 full spherical 360º PANORAMIC PHOTOS captured at different locations.

Let me take you around the Race Village, visit the Boatyard and get a feel from what it’s like at the backstage of the Equipment Zone.

In addition, enjoy the view of 40 Little Planet photos.

This is the story from the Volvo Ocean Race’s stopover at the “City of Sails” in Auckland - New Zealand.

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Important Notice

Apple is constantly upgrading new OS versions for their devices.

I understand that this is a "must-do", to keep devices up to date and reliable.

But what I don't understand, is why an iBook that has been working fine in earlier versions, won't work in upcoming versions while no changes have been made to its content.

Frustrated by the need to upgrade something that was working fine, I've decided to retire my book from Apple's market. So it's no longer available.

Down below, a souvenir of how original this creation was.


Nick Bice - Head of The Boatyard - VOR

"Wow, what a great book. Awesome on the iPad and gives a great behind the scenes look at “Life behind the Sails” – Love it!!

Carolijn Brouwer - Crew member Team SCA

"This is a very Special book! I love watching the panoramic 360 views; its a really nice feature and it gives you a new and different perspective to the photo. It not only captures one part of the moment, but it captures everything from all angles, its very cool! Its like it gives you a better understanding of whats happening during that moment. Love it!

Beatriz Martínez - Volunteer in ALC & AUH - VOR

"Awesome! You go into the VOR eyes from inside. Beauty and reality, it’s really worth "

Michèl van de Vall - Technical Support Engineer - MASTERVOLT

"Volvo Ocean Race on images as you have never seen it before. This book is part of two books. It is highly recommended for people who want to see the race and all its components into images. The photos are of top quality. All Teams, Boatyard and Race Village will be presented to you. Super beautiful!

Ashton Sampson - Electronics - DIVERSE

"They are great and very vivid and brings back fond memories as I have followed them around the world having installed all the electronics on the race boats. The 360deg photos are fantastic as having the function to click on them and then scanning around really captures the essence of placing one there at that moment in time "


"I recommend to all lovers of this sport to read this exemplary work of one of the most prestigious competitions in the world! With incredible detail it reflects the Volvo Ocean Race! Excellent!

Sophie C. Bundorf

"Dynamic and playful project. In addition, every nook and cranny of the VOR is exposed providing a new vision of this great sailing event. Original, unusual, untold and surprising perspectives to discover "

Antoinette Cooke

"Fantastic 360 degree photography representing what it was really like to be part of this amazing race and stopover. From the boats to the sailing crews and shore crew and their workshops get a 3D feel of the experience!

Alicia Belmont

"This is a spectacular photography book that shows the creativity and talent of its writer. It pulls you into the images to captivate your attention even if you are not a sailor "

Andrew Ferrier

"If you are interested in yacht racing, this ibook is a must read. It gives the reader a real sense of the work, dedication and grit required to compete in this race. The 360 degree photos provide a sense of being there not experienced with 2D photographs. The 360 degree photos can immerse the viewer actually inside the the gear locker with a single photo "

Emmanuel & Raphael

"A must read for people passionate about boat races! Here’s a book we highly recommend to all who are passionate about boat races. The 360 degrees photos make you believe you’re part of the teams, living the challenge and the emotions. Enjoy the photos as we did "

iBook Screenshots

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