August 10, 2021

2 Gold Winner at the 2021 MUSE Photography Awards

SERIES TITLE:  "Paris Atmos-Sphere"  

   CATEGORY:   Architecture / Other               

               Fine Art / Cityscape

What an amazing achievement!

My "Paris Atmos-Sphere" series has received two Gold Winner Awards in Architecture / Other Category and in Fine Art / Cityscape Category at the 2021 MUSE Photography Awards.

With submissions numbering up to 1872 entries from 50 countries worldwide, the MUSE Photography Awards is an International Competition catered to professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global level.

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I feel honored, proud, and humbled in receiving the 2021 Silver MUSE Statuette.

Winning at the 2021 MUSE Photography Awards confirms that my work is validated by the best, and it’s a testimony of accomplishment in my career as an Artist.

The Artist



The 2021 edition of the MUSE Awards statuette is elegantly personified. Exquisitely detailed, the masterpiece is dressed in either pearl white, gold, or silver, symbolizing ingenuity and imagination that matches your undivided passion towards your creative vision.

Adorning a timeless red gem on her dress, the MUSE statuette wants you to Conquer Change, being awarded to winners, dreamers, and the daredevils of the industry. This special piece is available exclusively for the 2021 MUSE Awards winners.

Text from MUSE Photography Awards

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Surreal Concept Series "Paris Atmos-Sphere"

  • Street Lamp

    Street Lamp

    Faithful companion of the South side facade of Notre-Dame, this very simple street light is forever king of its planet. 2019 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • Gleam


    Is it the glow of the little flame that gives an indefinable charm to this corner's facade? This could also be a source of inspiration for the next Pixar animation movie “Ratatouille” in his new adventures. 2019 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • V from Victory

    V from Victory

    At present, Notre-Dame is a jewel for its incalculable historical and cultural value. An unparalleled architectural feat. But in the past, did it symbolize a genuine desire to glorify God, or was it simply a reflection of the mere arrogance of its builders? However, there it stands making its way to the future. 2019 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • All in Roundness

    All in Roundness

    The architecture of this magnificent chapel merges in perfect symmetry with Place Vauban’s roundabout revealing concentric circles. 2016 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • Mandala


    The metallic arches of the Eiffel Tower draw a mandala over the cloudy Sunset becoming the centre of the Parisian Universe. Tiny Planet at Eiffel's Tower basement. ➡️ CLICK HERE TO VIEW 360º VR PANO PHOTO. Paris, France. 2016 © Christian Kleiman

  • The Dome and its Intendant

    The Dome and its Intendant

    An eternal harmony reigns between the Intendant garden and the Chapel of the Invalids. The parterre, with its geometric lawn bordered by cone yews, exquisitely enhances the architecture of the building. 2016 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

Certificate & Press Release

MUSE Photography Winner Certificate
MUSE Photography Winner Certificate
MUSE Photography Awards
MUSE Photography Awards

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