August 10, 2021

2 Gold Winner at the 2021 MUSE Photography Awards

SERIES TITLE:  "Tiny Planet-sur-Seine"     

   CATEGORY:   Fine Art / Cityscape                              

                   Fine Art / Other

What an amazing ahievement!

My "Tiny Planet-sur-Seine" series has received two Gold Winner Awards in Fine Art / Cityscape Category and in Fine Art / Other Category at the 2021 MUSE Photography Awards.

With submissions numbering up to 1872 entries from 50 countries worldwide, the MUSE Photography Awards is an International Competition catered to professional, amateur, and student photographers on a global level.

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I feel honored, proud, and humbled in receiving the 2021 Silver MUSE Statuette.

Winning at the 2021 MUSE Photography Awards confirms that my work is validated by the best, and it’s a testimony of accomplishment in my career as an Artist.

The Artist



The 2021 edition of the MUSE Awards statuette is elegantly personified. Exquisitely detailed, the masterpiece is dressed in either pearl white, gold, or silver, symbolizing ingenuity and imagination that matches your undivided passion towards your creative vision.

Adorning a timeless red gem on her dress, the MUSE statuette wants you to Conquer Change, being awarded to winners, dreamers, and the daredevils of the industry. This special piece is available exclusively for the 2021 MUSE Awards winners.

Text from MUSE Photography Awards

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Surreal Concept Series "Tiny Planet-sur-Seine"

  • Crowning La Seine

    Crowning La Seine

    Even before its construction was completed, the tower was already in the eye of the storm of social debates. She was severely ridiculed by the critics of famous names in the World of Arts and Letters. But the impossible came true and the tower, with its almost 131 years old, has taken roots. 2016 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • Eager to Be

    Eager to Be

    At the alley stands a tree, eager to be distinguished.
 2015 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • Scène sur Seine

    Scène sur Seine

    The Statue of Liberty also brings to mind the torch-lady of Columbia Pictures. The skyscrapers in the background and a cloudless sky crossed by a ray of frontal light. The show must go on! 2015 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • The Elegance of the Tricorn

    The Elegance of the Tricorn

    Under this perspective, looking up next to the socle of the most flamboyant bridge in Paris, you can discover a remarkable garment that defined fashion in the Century of Lights.
 2016 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • Roller Coaster

    Roller Coaster

    The Eternal versus the Ephemeral. Calm and Rush. Together, they define the roller coaster of life. The arch that describes the “Viaduc de Passy” supporting an aerial subway with its constant fast swings, set the pace. 2015 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • Jena’s Battle Sky

    Jena’s Battle Sky

    Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the construction of Jena’s bridge after his victory in 1806 at the Battle of Jena. 2016 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • Grip


    Magnetized to the surface of the Bir-Hakeim bridge, the stone arch grips the Viaduc de Passy tightly. Ready to take the planet by its handle! 2015 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

  • The Secret of the eight Cattails

    The Secret of the eight Cattails

    In the middle of Pont Alexandre III, the Nymphs are escorted by eight magnificent cattails. A choice far from trivial because the cattail symbolizes peace and prosperity. Just as the magic of the number eight, which evokes perfection and infinity by representing an immutable eternity.
 2016 © ➡️ ARTWORK INFO

Certificate & Press Release

MUSE Photography Winner Certificate
MUSE Photography Winner Certificate
MUSE Photography Awards
MUSE Photography Awards

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