September 8, 2018

Interview with Christian Kleiman 360VR Photographer

by Facebook 360

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The Palm Tree at Paradise Beach

1) What is your background in 360 photography?

I started as a commercial freelance photographer creating virtual tours for hotels and other companies.

In the meantime, I created some websites to showcase and promote my professional work.

At present, I create 360 content focused on my personal projects.

You can find more of my background including photos at:

2) How did you get started with 360 photography?

It was back in 2012 as a result of adding attractive possibilities with the tools I had at that moment.

Aerial photography enabled me to frame a lot of content for my clients, but when I came up with 360 Photography, I could show it all.

3) What program/camera did you use to make this piece?

I used a Canon EOS MKIII with a Sigma 8mm fisheye lens and a tripod with a panoramic head to capture the 360 image.

I take four shots with bracketed exposition stops just in case.

The processing workflow starts with Lightroom to add metadata and lift up the sensation I want to transmit in the scenery.

For the stitching of the four images I use PTGui Pro, and once I have the 360 image I move to Photoshop where I clean disturbances and remove the tripod.

4) How long did it take to complete?

Each 360 Pano takes me an average of one hour in front of the computer to process it.

The time it takes me to get the raw footage in my camera depends on each case. For this photo I had to go 40 minutes by boat plus a short walk.

After completion extra time goes as well in adding the Pano to the 360 Server, in this case 360Cities and then to my websites and then to social media.

5) What has been your hardest project to work on so far?

I was on an assignment for footage of a Dairy Factory at South Canterbury, NZ, shortly after moving to live in New Zealand, back in 2015.

It was hard because of the preparation, choosing the best possible days for the footage, and getting the CAA authorizations to fly my drone. Ensuring all of my gear.

I remember standing in front of the special luggage counter at Auckland Airport with four big Peli Cases packed with gear that was coming with me to Christchurch. Then I had to hire a car to drive me down to Timaru.

It took me five days on-site due to the weather conditions as it was in winter.

The Drone DJI S800 EVO which I brought with me from Spain had some issues like “Panning” instead of holding the GPS, even though I went through all of the compass calibration modes as well as the adjustment for Local Variation of the Magnetic North. It was very difficult to hold it in the same position and get the right shots.

The stitching of the five shots for each aerial pano was also a challenge and time-consuming because of this issue.

After all this experience, the results were accomplished:

Click here to view the completed footage

6) What are you looking to improve or experiment with in your future projects?

360 Panos taken from helicopters.

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