October 22, 2020

Making-Of & Behind the Scene Shots

"Planets of a Tiny Prince"

July 2019 - Savasi Island Resort - Savusavu, Fiji Islands.

I remember waking up at 5 am to catch up the low tide in search of a suitable spot down the reef while welcoming Sunrise.

All those exciting moments while kayaking to the “Blow Hole” or downriver until arriving at the Salt Lake.

Great memories and an excellent reward!

Little Prince Photoshoot

Changing time into Tiny Prince

The experience was hilarious and an adventure, especially in the shots where the water surrounded us everywhere and with the tide lurking.

The locations where they took me were spectacular and the result is the blatant proof of that.

Congratulations on a work so carefully planned and formidably edited.

Sophie C. Bundorf

The "Blow Hole"

Little Prince Photoshoot

Upppsss!  Getting a bit wet

Little Prince Photoshoot

Savasi Island Resort Staff helping hand

Little Prince Photoshoot

Salt Lake

Little Prince Photoshoot

Salt Lake

Little Prince Photoshoot


* 2022 Gold Winner Award - London Photography Awards  View

* 2022 Gold Winner Award - MUSE Photography Awards  View

* 2021 Gold Winner Award - NY New York Photography Awards  View

* 2021 Silver Winner Award - MUSE Photography Awards  View

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