August 31, 2021


During the pandemic, people all over the world have suffered invasive events that threaten their routines and shake their stability.

The conditions of confinement and control imposed to try to solve this crisis generate helplessness, doubt, fear, and sadness among other feelings, causing emotional instability.

I would like to encourage the state of mind of everyone who reads this manifesto by expressing my firm conviction that we must not let our own circumstances weaken our expectations, which of course must be inspiring.

I will begin by saying that everything will pass away. When? We do not know, but it will pass.

History reflects countless events on a global scale where it has been shown that those people who were able to adapt during the crisis came out of it stronger and more evolved.

The key is to โ€œresistโ€.

It is not an easy task, as the very name indicates "wear and tear".

It is necessary to resist without wear and tear, and for this, it is essential to enjoy good emotional health.

It is an individual responsibility to nourish ourselves with hope and to raise our expectations, as this is the only way to generate endorphins that invade our organism.

These endorphins are without question the cause of proper emotional stability and a strong innate immune system.

As an artist, I can confirm that art in all its forms stimulates the creation of endorphins in the body.

Art is a haven of peace, which allows you to revel in the beauty of your surroundings.

Art is an escape route that allows you to evade and think about something other than the problem that is troubling you.

Art provokes sensations, it makes you vibrate!

Art is essential for living and surviving.


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