Christian Kleiman


Fascinated by the creative expression that is awaiting to be revealed.

I would like to share my concept about a location and suggest that each place has its own landmark.

My vision strives in provoking an awakening to see the world differently by changing our perception.


A Tiny Planet is a surreal concept representing my experimental process of pushing the medium toward new directions.

By revealing the hidden landmark of any landscape.

Something captivating, as when looking at it closely you will find that it expresses a whole new Microverse.

A concept of a fragile planet, floating like a bubble in isolation to protect its valuable ecosystem.


The main feature of this type of photography is the total visual coverage that it provides.

It's an interactive photo in which users can explore all the scenarios by moving and dragging the mouse or fingertip around, and in response, the image moves up and down 180 degrees and sideways 360 degrees, offering a complete and realistic space of the scene.

For the creation of a photo in which you can see it all, it will be important to take into account that everything is going to be exposed. This can be sometimes challenging as the beauty from one sector could be eclipsed by the unattractiveness of the opposite side.

Many hours of dedication in removing distractions and cleaning dirty streets which are always full of chewing gums, cigarette butts, and unfinished road works. As well as removing many people and cars from the scene in order to highlight the architecture’s cityscape.


The combination of professional equipment, sophisticated software, and skillful dedication results in a masterpiece of superior quality.

Discover the quality of my artwork.

Discover my workflow for the making-of Tiny Planets.


Since 2018, I participate every year in prestigious International Photographic Competitions amongst other top photographers worldwide.

At these International Photographic Contests, my images are judged by an experienced professional panel of judges with a high degree in the field of Visual Arts.

During this time, some of my work has been awarded internationally.

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