Surreal Concept Series


Paris Atmos-Sphere


Paris Atmos-Sphere covers a series of images that portray a concept of specific locations provoking an awakening to see them differently by changing our perception.

Paris possesses that "je ne sais quoi", that indefinable but omnipresent thing in all its streets, its walls, its cobblestones, its trees, its parks and in which throughout history so many battles have been fought in defense of freedom.

That chaotic amalgam of sufferings and joys, failures, and victories through so many years is perceived so much that one cannot help but be moved. Its effect is as resounding as invisible.

Paris is the essence distilled from its past and, as Anne Rice rightly says, "Paris is a universe whole and entire unto herself, hollowed and fashioned by history".

For this reason, every corner of Paris breathes together with another and participates with the same breath.

Paris is a great human poem that gives us great luck to travel in time unleashing our imagination.

These tiny planets represent a minuscule part of a whole, a kind of capsule that houses its atmosphere stopped in time where nothing and no one can ever be a loose verse.


2019 - Ongoing

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